Merging Spreadsheets with Python–Append

Three spreadsheets are appended into one based on column names
Two spreadsheets are joined into one based on the same Name values




Full Code

Full Code for this tutorial

I. Read all three spreadsheets

import pandas as pd
marketing_analyst_names = pd.read_excel("MarketingAnalystNames.xlsx")sales_rep_names = pd.read_excel("SalesRepNames.xlsx")senior_leadership_names =   pd.read_excel("SeniorLeadershipNames.xlsx")

II. Merge all three data frames

all_df_list = [marketing_analyst_names, sales_rep_names, senior_leadership_names]
appended_df = pd.concat(all_df_list)

III. Write to an Excel file

appended_df.to_excel("AllCompanyNames.xlsx", index=False)
$ python



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