Insert data from user uploaded spreadsheets in your MySQL database

How to get started

In order to insert the data from user uploaded files in your database, create an APISpreadsheets account. You will need a Business plan to use this feature. However, you can email us at to request a 7 day free trial!

  1. Create a spreadsheet importer
  2. Connect to your database
  3. Map columns in the settings

Create a Spreadsheet Importer

Go to the ‘Import’ page. Then simply click the ‘Create a Customized Importer’ button.

Connect to database

Connect your database to API Spreadsheets by providing the necessary details of the database such as the name, username, host/IP address, etc.

Map columns in the settings

In the spreadsheet importer settings we need to align spreadsheet columns with fields in the database.

Upload files

Once the column mapping is set up, the file upload process will be a little different.



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