How to make your spreadsheets look pretty

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Why did this happen?

Simple, it’s because of poor spreadsheet formatting. Or in other words your spreadsheet looks ugly and is hard to read.

How can we make our spreadsheets more pretty?

By borrowing principles from UI design. A rough outline of the process is described below.

  1. We need to find out who we are presenting to and what they most care about

4. Make it Pretty

Now we are on our final step. To make things pretty.

  • Bold All Important Headers
  • Color Code Data to Show Major Differences
  • Make Borders to Group Data More Clearly
This is the border tool
  • Put emphasis on our key metrics
  • Make aesthetic changes
Our Final Spreadsheet

Parting Thoughts

Giving thought to and working on formatting your spreadsheet data is just as important as the numbers themselves.



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