Build a spreadsheet uploader on your website that saves files to Dropbox

How to get started

Create an account

Go to to sign up for a free account at API Spreadsheets.

Create a Spreadsheet Importer

On this page, click on the ‘Create Your Own Import Configuration’ button to get started.

Integrate Dropbox Account

Integrate your Dropbox account to store all the uploaded spreadsheets there.

Give Permissions to Your Dropbox Account

Once signed in, click on ‘Allow’ to give API Spreadsheets the permission to upload to your Dropbox account.

Work With Importer Code

Every spreadsheet importer contains a code snippet.

Basic Example:

To create a basic button, simply take the code from API Spreadsheets and place it in the HTML of your page, where you want the button to go.

Advanced Example:

You can add just a few lines of CSS to customize the appearance of your HTML button, and it will still upload the files to Dropbox.

Further reading

Reading our guide on importer code can help you better understand how it works. To learn more about spreadsheet importers in general, read this guide.



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