An Easy Way To Clean Spreadsheets

Have you ever found yourself with a super messy spreadsheet? With a bunch of names, mismatched dates, sloppily entered addresses and emails you don’t know are valid.

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Ugh! You say to yourself

Well, we used to hate this too. So we made a tool, Clean Spreadsheets, that automatically cleans customer data from your spreadsheets.

So, your super messy spreadsheet can look like this with just 1 click

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This makes the neurotic in me super happy

Okay, maybe not 1 click

But 1 click after you Upload the file, Select the column and the Data Type you want to clean. Simpler than anything else.

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This is how it works. Literally. There is nothing else to it.

Our design philosophy is to require the least amount from you. We love when things just happen. So we took it on ourselves to figure out how to clean any value in our algorithms.

Now, that’s an ambitious goal and we may slip up here and there. We ask you to let us know when values weren’t cleaned properly. Any helpful feedback will definitely be rewarded :)

This is just the start. More Data Types Will Be Added

Our goal for this tool is to automatically clean ALL hard to clean data types. We are starting with the 5 data types most prevalent in customer data: Address, Date, Name, Company and Email

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We would love to hear from you! What are the Data Types hardest for you to clean?

Maybe it’s money. Maybe it’s open-ended text. Maybe it’s Maybelline! (Product Names)

Let us know your feedback!

We hope you try out the tool and it’s helpful! Let us know what you think and Happy Data Cleaning :)

You can engage with the tool’s launch on Hacker News here as well!

Have a good day!

Products and resources that magically simplify hard spreadsheet tasks. Check us out at

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